Jesus is already famous… but our mission here at FBC is to let the Holy Spirit take over every aspect of our lives so that Jesus is famous in our personal lives, our homes, our work, and our missions.  The people of FBC are not perfect nor ever claim to be.  Are you looking for a place for imperfect people trying to [...]

So all can be S.A.V.E.D.

God has given us a strategy to reach our community with the good news of Jesus.  It is “so that all can be S.A.V.E.D.” S = Saturate our community with the word of grace… Jesus loves U! A = Advance in our own understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower. V = [...]

Simple Service

Many churches want you to be involved in everything and in the church every time the doors open.  We follow the “Simple Church” model (See: Simple Church, by Thomas Rainer and Eric Geiger) where we believe each member should: 1) attend Sunday services; 2) be involved in a small groups for accountability and learning; and [...]

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